Having a home that you can afford is the launching point for upward mobility in health, educational attainment, economic growth and wealth creation. Hard-working Iowans fuel our economy, but too many struggle to afford a home near where they work. They include workers who care for and educate our children, keep our neighborhoods safe and put food on our tables.

The bottom line is that Iowa families, communities and businesses will thrive when all Iowans have access to homes they can afford. Now is the time to help all Iowans open the door to opportunity.

What We Know

  • The state needs an additional 42,000 homes for our workforce by 2030.1

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    Of these homes, 32,802 will be owner occupied.
    9,355 will need to be rental units.1

  • The most critical need for affordable housing in the state includes both the lowest income segment and the highest income segment.

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    Together, these groups need an additional 22,395 homes by 2030.1

  • 7 in 10 Iowans support affordable housing efforts.2

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    Yet, 1 in 3 projects are blocked by opposition.2

The Journey Home

Finding the right place to call home is a journey that looks different for everyone. No matter what "home" looks like today, one thing is for sure - the road ahead is paved with opportunity.

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Income Level: $0 - $26,070

Home Type: At Risk + Affordable Rental

2030 Housing Demands
Owner-Occupied 1,825 / Rentals 2,626
4,451 Total Units


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Food Server

Childcare worker icon

Childcare Worker

Grocery worker icon

Grocery Worker

Fast food worker

Fast-Food Worker

Tristian & Deanna

Real Neighbors. Real Doors Opened.

“A combination of bad luck and some poor decisions in the past led us to living in our truck with just a little gas and no money to our names. Once we knew we had a place to call home and shower every night, we were both able to quickly gain employment, as a chef at Perkins and as a retail worker and to focus on other issues that had held us back in the past.”

Tristian & Deanna, Ames
Restaurant and Retail Workers

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Income Level: $26,071 - $43,450/$43,451 - $69,520

Home Type: Affordable Rental + Market Rental + First-Time Homebuyer

2030 Housing Demands
Owner-Occupied 7,758 / Rentals 3,859
11,617 Total Units


Home Health & Personal Care Aide icon

Home Health & Personal Care Aide

Retail Sales Worker icon

Retail Sales Worker

Teacher icon


Nursing Assistant/EMT icon

Nursing Assistant & EMT

Preschool teacher icon

Preschool Teacher

Police/Correction officer icon

Correction & Police Officer

Tajana Crosby

Real Neighbors. Real Doors Opened.

“I picked this apartment location so that I can be close to my home health clients and close to where I'm building my own beauty business.”

Tajana Crosby, Lillis Lofts, Urbandale
Home Health Aide/CNA, Budding Entrepreneur

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Income Level: $43,451 - $69,520

Home Type: Market Rental + First-Time Homebuyer

2030 Housing Demands
Owner-Occupied 5,125 / Rentals 2,123
7,246 Total Units


Teacher icon


Correction and Police Officer icon

Correction & Police Officer

Nurse icon


Firefighter icon


Logan Maxwell & Karlie Peterson

Real Neighbors. Real Doors Opened.

“The down payment assistance through the Iowa Finance Authority made buying our first home within a short distance to both of our workplaces possible. We love our home and are looking forward to starting our new family's story right here in this special place of our own.”

Logan Maxwell and Karlie Peterson, Council Bluffs
Teacher and Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Income Level: $69,521 - $99,900

Home Type: Market Rental + First-Time Homebuyer + Repeat/Move Up Homebuyer

2030 Housing Demands
Owner-Occupied 6,542 / Rentals 1,601
8,143 Total Units


Biomedical engineer icon

Biomedical Engineer

Insurance underwriter icon

Insurance Underwriter

Accountant icon


Dental Hygienist icon

Dental Hygienist

Construction Manager icon

Construction Manager

Veterinarian icon


Angie Kerr

Real Neighbors. Real Doors Opened.

“After retiring from my 25-year career as a NICU nurse and then tragically losing my teenage daughter this summer I was desperate to trade in renting for a home I could call my own, heal and find a path forward. The down payment assistance I received through IFA allowed me to do just that.”

Angie Kerr, Sioux City
Retired NICU Nurse

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Income Level: $99,900+

Home Type: Market Rental + First-Time Homebuyer + Repeat/Move Up Homebuyer

2030 Housing Demands
Owner-Occupied 16,676 / Rentals 1,269
17,945 Total Units


Pharmacist icon


Physician & Other Medical Provider icon

Physician & Other Medical Provider

Nurse icon

Computer & Information Research Scientists

Financial planner icon

Financial Manager

Jeff Bloemker

Real Neighbors. Real Doors Opened.

“After living in a two-story, 3,000 square foot house for years, my wife and I decided we wanted to enjoy a more metropolitan lifestyle with less maintenance hassles. We ended up in a very nice apartment building in Downtown Davenport within walking distance of a couple dozen restaurants, bars and attractions. A metropolitan lifestyle on a great American river backed up with Iowa Nice… what more could you want? I love it - it's the coolest thing I've ever done.”

Jeff Bloemker, Davenport
Commercial Banker

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Take Action

In recent years, the state has made record investments to advance housing opportunities for Iowans, but meeting the full need requires support from all of us.

When Iowans can support their families in a home they can comfortably afford, it directly impacts their quality of life and upward mobility. It's not only critically important for individual success, but for communities and businesses too. When Iowans can afford to live where they work, not only do they become members of our communities, they help to support them.

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Can incentivize developers to build in the area by being designated as an Iowa Thriving Community.

Tell us what you're doing to make community members feel at home for a chance to be named a Thriving Community.

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Are uniquely positioned to support our workforce accessing homes they can afford and take pride in. Businesses can both garner community support and connect their employees with necessary resources.

Show your support for employees for a chance to be named Employer Housing Champion.

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For affordable housing can come from any background and help local leaders to better understand affordable housing. From developers to nonprofit organizers, we need more advocates to fulfill Iowa's housing needs.

Help us spread the word on the importance of housing for all.