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Addressing the challenge of housing for all is going to take collaboration, innovation and outside-the-box thinking – a job description written for Iowans like you!

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A community can take many important actions to position itself as welcoming to housing development for its workforce. We are looking for communities that are going above and beyond to ensure that its workforce has housing options to live where they work.

For the first time ever, we will award scoring points for IFA | IEDA programs to encourage housing development, based on the proactive and innovative actions of the community. A limited number of communities will be selected. Applications are due July 17.

Learn more about Iowa Thriving Communities.

Apply to be named a Thriving Community and show us how you're advancing housing opportunities for all!

Read about the application scoring process.

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Employers are uniquely positioned to address the housing shortage for their workforce. With housing comes job seekers - one-year impact studies have shown more than 1,000 additional jobs in economies that help residents live where they work.

Local businesses are also trusted pillars of towns and cities – if your business is showing support for affordable housing projects, others are likely to follow suit. You can educate new hires on housing programs to help them settle into the community:

Show us what you're doing to help your community members feel at home.

One employer will be selected as an award winner for Employer Housing Champion.

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Thank you for supporting affordable housing for our workforce!

Your work may be used as a model for other Iowa businesses. To further show your support, please email your logo to ifafyi@iowafinance.com to be displayed at https://www.iowafinance.com/business/.

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Iowa needs dedicated housing advocates, including community champions, nonprofit organizations and developers.

Check out these resources to help you make a difference.